Front Desk Opening hours

1st of July - 31st of August
Open all weekdays at 8 am - 8 pm. 
Check in
Rooms/cabins from 3 pm, camping from noon (or according to agreement).

1st of September and forward
Open every day at 9 am -noon (at least) and/or according to agreement.

Cancellations / No arrival

Cancellations made directly with us can be made up until 12 (noon) on the day before arrival. If you fail to arrive without cancelling in advance or if you cancel to late you will be charged for one night. If Våghals Tourist Centre has incurred costs specifically related to your booking, you must reimburse these.

NB! If you book online through for example www.svif.se, Booking etc you must read and accept special booking regulations.


Phone no: +46 (0)303-18900
E-mail: hello@myfavoritehostel.com