Activities straight from the past

Activities at Bohus Fortress such as medieval penathlons & treasure hunts, circus school, team building, juggling course.. or why not an examination quis from the turn of the century or perhaps an interesting lecture? These are just a few of the things we can offer your group/company.

We have great activities for all groups, large and small, and most of them with an historical connection.

Below we have listed some of them.
Please contact us if you want us to come up ith a brand new suggestion!


A popular team building activity that really puts your legs and brain to the test and a great way to see how well the group works together. The group is divided in to teams of 5-6 persons. In the first chapter of the hunt the teams have ca 60 minutes, with cryptic leads and a fortress guide booklet, to try and figure out where we have hidden twelve letters. That means the teams will have to find twelve more or less hard to find places in the fortress. When they do find them the key is to place them in the right order to make the secret password. Since the clues can be rather difficult extra clues are available after the first chapter in the hunt. The clues are attained through some physical tasks for example counting how many steps there are in the tallest tower.
Time ca 1.5-2 h
5 500sek + 149sek/per person


Feel the historic breeze when you jaust in battles such as stilts, wrestling, the jacks’ struggle, tug-a-war, carrot in arse, cod rugby and a small treasure hunt. Garanteed to stay in your mind and equally fun! This pentathlon works just as well by the Hostel, in the Fortress park or at your company to keep costs down.
Time ca 1.5 h
5 500sek + 149sek/per person


This captivating activity is based on the story of Thomas Leopold. Leopold is Bohus Fortress’ most notorious prisoner who was locked up for 37 years because of his beliefs. The group is divided in to teams who then compete in the chase of the Golden Key of Justice. The key sets Thomas Leopold free from his cell. In each part of the competition one team is eliminated and it is crucial to fight well since a loss leaves the team in a dark cold dungeon for the rest of the game. Examples of battles are wrestling, tug-of-war and bull’s eye.
Time ca 1.5-2 h
6 500sek + 199/per person


Queen Blanka is in troubble! She has lost her large key chatelaine and needs your help to find it! This treasure hunt is based on this peculiar queen’s life, and by solving different historical, logical and kryptical problems the participants make their way through the fortress towards the solution and the key chatelaine.
Queen Blanka became King Magnus’ consort 1335 and Queen of Sweden the very next year. She was the faithful assistant of her husband but her reputation was blackend by the aristocratic opposition. She was, among other things, accused of poisoning her son, king Erik Magnusson, to death.
Time ca 1.5-2 h
7 500sek + 249/per person


Experience Bohus Fortress when darkness has fallen! A ghostly activity even for the more courageous amongst us. Here lies well kept secrets, and for those daring few a night of horror awaits. Let us guide you through the darkness while telling stories of the fortress’ horrific past. None of you will be left unmoved..
This adventure is at its best if the group do not know what is coming. All they need to know is that they are going on a guided evening tour of Bohus Fortress. The guide will meet you at the front gate and begin the tour without anything strange happening. After a while though the guide is beginning to act strangely. Nasty things will start to happen and odd characters show their faces. The further the group gets in to the tour the scarier it will get. The participants do not only meet creatures of darkness but also historical figures from the past.
Time ca 1.5-2 h
15 000sek + 149sek/per person


The ultimate challenge for groups who are ready to put themselves to the test. We will transport you 350 years back in time to when war was right on our doorstep. It was a troubbled time when bordes constantly moved and everyday life was filled with feuds and racket. The year is 1658 and through the peace of Roskilde Bohus and the neighbouring areas has fallen in to Swedish hands. The Norwegians are less pleased with the outcome and decides to yet again strike at the fortress and claim what they consider to be theirs. The group is devided in to two teams. Sweden and Norway. The battle is played out throughout the whole fortress and begins in the courtyard. Each of the teams have their own head quarters (tower) wich also works as a free zone. The task is to capture as many opponents as possible and conquer the poer and the opponents flag.
Time ca 2-3 h
7 500sek + 199/per person


Active teambuilding with a historical theme! In the year 1101 the three Nordic kings meet. Inge Stenkilson, Magnus Barfot and Erik Eiegod meet in the town of Kungahälla to end the long years of battle between them. Today, over 900 years later it is your turn to make sure the three kings meet again. A task filled with hardship where historical knowledge can come in handy. The group is devided in to three teams representing Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Each team/country has as a mission to bring their king to the rendezvous point for the new meeting. There the kings shall meet and discuss how to keep the peace in the North. The country to first deliver their king winns but the mission is not over until all the kings are in place. This is a fun and challenging activity with ingenious tasks and medieval elements that demands fitness, cooperation, being able to handle stress and foremost.. a good pair of shoes! This activity is physically demanding and holds several fitness requiering tasks with time limits. To find all the clues the participants are required to hold a high pace in an uneven terrain.
Time ca 2-3 h
15 000sek + 149sek/per person

Observere that all activities at Bohus Fortress are not recommended for persons with disabilities or impairment. An elevator is available (book in advance) but in the fortress the terrain is sometimes hard to access.