Göteborgs Kex is the leading manufacturer of cookies/bisquits in Scendinavia. The factory is still located by the North river, same place where it all started over 100 years ago.

In Bräckboden you can buy cookies/bisquits at a very good price.

Opening hours
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Included in Göteborgs Kex's supply of 50 or so products you can find an assortment of famous brands such as Ballerina, Singoalla, Guld Marie, Brago, Hushållswafers, Kung Oscar pepparkakor, Smörgåsrån, Digestive, Baddare and Variant.

Most of these has a special place in many Swedish hearts for many many years. Guld Marie (aso called Mariekex) is one of the cookies they started out with way back in 1888 and Ballerina has been a favourite since 1963.