Welcome to the House of Kongelf! 
We are located on Färjevägen 2 in the old part of Kungälv, next to the fortress Bohus Fästning. 


Every now and then we get questions about what we mean when we say that our food and business is "junk-free".

The short version is that we are constantly working on choosing the better option.
We just don't like junk, neither on the plate nor in society.

So when it comes to food we actively avoid semi-finished products, processed foods, white flour and refined sugar.
We bake and cook  90% out of our menue ourselves and almost everything we serve is based on natural ingredients.  For example, we don't see why anyone would need sugar or milkbased proucts in gluten-free flour mixtures. So, we blend our own mixture to make sure that nothing needlessly is added. We choose to serve locally produced ice cream from Pipers in Hamburgsund, since we not just love their ice cream, we also think everyone should support your local supplier.
It's better for the environment and it is better for the local society. 

But why do we serve Cola Zero then? That's not natural... 
Nope, you are absolutely right! But, we also have a lot of guests that can't eat or drink sugar because of diabetes or other reasons. 
To make our custumers happy we decided to take in this product, even if we first handly recommend that you try our
organic sodas from Naturfrisk (if you don´t have diabetes or other sugar relates problems).  We also recommend that you choose tap water in stead of buying carbonated mineral water. We have wonderful water in Sweden and there's really no reason to buy water in a bottle unless you wish to take it with you. You don't just save your money, you also save the planet when you don't buy unnecessary plastic bottles. 

Is lactose- and gluten junk? 
No, of course not by default! However, today many are intolerant and others just don't feel very good if they eat white flour or milk products. Many of us, especielly women, get a swollen stomach when we eat white bread. And since there are other options that everyone can eat, why not serve it? 

 For us, it is not just a sport to eliminate unnecessary ingredients but also to serve food that you and your gluten- or lactosintolerant friends can enjoy without having to ask for a special menue.  We also value to add healthy and sometimes unexpected ingredients  that can have a positive effect on your stomach, brain and body.
Who said you can't make cinnamon buns containing spinach? Or beet root? Or carrots?
Try our colorful cinnamon buns when you visit us an let us know what you think! 

Btw, the cinnamon buns are made from organic spelled flour so they do contain gluten.  But our cheese cakes and "swedish kladdkaka" for exampel are all gluten and lactos free. Kladdkaka means  "very messy chocolate cake". All swedes love it, it is insanely good and must be served with wipped cream, fresh strawberries and a cup of fresh strong coffee.
Well, at least according to us! 

For us as a workplace...

... junk-free means, that we work with sustainability. We try hard to take good care of each other,  of our beautiful historical house and we take good care of our guests.  Our co workers are our most important resource and for us it is vital that all our employees have fun at work and that we offer a workplace where you can grow as person as well as in your professional role.
We don't pay much attention to what you have, or don't have, on your resume. We are far more interested in who you are and what you can do and contribute with in the future. We are curuios about your dreams and what problems you can solve rather than what you studied in high school. What is important to you? 

What we offer 
In the "House of Kongelf", we organize conferences,  corporate meetings, family events  etc. 
In the beginning of 2020, the business consultant Selinder & Co entered the house and together we are building a meeting place for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We gather and collaborate with other entrepreneurs who can identify with our junk-free approach and who also want to work for "a greater good". 

Would you like to contact us? 
You can reach us by telephone +46 (0)303-18900 or by sending an e-mail to hej@kafekongelf.se.

A meeting place since... forever

The House of Kongelf is located below the fortress Bohus Fästning right upon the north Gothenburg border and  just 15 minutes north of Gothenburg City Center. Our lovely house, that shines yellow as the sun and dates from 1881, was once the city's primary school. Our cafe has 45-50 seats indoors and in the summer we have two lovely verandas with another 40ish seats. 

In the beginning of the 17th century, the city of Kongelf was moved here at Christian IV's command. At that time, about 500 people lived in the city. According to the history books there was a guest house here on this little island Fästningholmen already many hundred years ago. It was then moved in 1681 to the square where our neighbor "Hotel Fars Hatt" now is.

Now, more than 300 years later, Fästningsholmen has once again received a guest house and you are very welcome to visit us!